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Northern Realms War

Your hosts are proud to offer the following amenities to make your event more enjoyable:


  • A communal kitchen space – Inspired by the community ovens of medieval villages a central location will be available daily. Leave your camp stove at home and use the space to bring an extra friend. Gas grills only to be used by adults. 

  • Hospitality - Combined with the communal kitchen space. A variety of common items will be on hand and don’t forget the resort store if we don’t have it. The tent will be run on an honor system so only take what you need. 

  • Loaner Garb - Bringing a friend new to the SCA, or don't have anything to wear for yourself? There will be garb available on loan for the event. Sizes and styles are limited, all garb must be returned by the end of the event. 

  • Swimming – Don’t forget the campground has a pool for beating the summer heat.

  • On-Site Shuttle – The cabins are in the main part of the campground. We will have conveyances available to bring persons & gear to the main activity center. Please mention any mobility concerns at the gate for detailed information.

  • Fire Pits –  Individual campfires need to be in above ground hearths.  

  • The resort store has an ATM available if you need to grab some quick cash.

  • Water and electrical hook-ups are available at some tent sites.

  • A shower house and flushing toilets are located on one end of the campsite.