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Northern Realms War

As an interkingdom event, the following are the NRW specific conventions. These rules have been combined from both Northshield and Outlands rules.

Armored Combat - Melee

  • Standard Calibration
  • Nine foot spear
  • Two inch tips
  • No dead on the ground
  • No death from behind
  • Spear strike of sufficient force to the face shall be considered a good blow.  The face is defined by Society as: "Face: the area between the chin and the middle of the forehead and between the ear openings."
  • No striking anyone you do not have positive engagement with
  • No experimental weapons
  • Torchlight tourney - no thrusting


  • Standard Calibration
  • No flexidaggers
  • Shot to the leg and foot is all considered the same, legged.
  • Knee walking is allowed in melee
  • Knee walking is not allowed in tournament but may rise
  • No death from behind
  • No Experimental weapons

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us.