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Northern Realms War

The SHIRES of NOIREGARDE and PLATTEFORDHAM want to thank everyone who attended NORTHERN REALMS WAR 2019!

Look for 2020 information SOON.


Northern Realms War (NRW) will return June 23-28, 2020 at the beautiful Elk Creek Lodge & Resort.  We invite all to come and spend a magical time with us making memories, meeting with old friends, and making new ones.  


Northern Realms War proclaimed by the masses as, “How the SCA was meant to be!” If you are bold of heart, strong in spirit, and thirst for the revelry of the North-men, then you belong at NRW.


If that doesn’t get your heart racing, how about many of the activities you may take part in, such as:

Heavy and Rapier Fighting and Cut and Thrust

Equestrian Activities

Bardic Activities

Archery and Thrown Weapons

A&S competitions and displays

Fabulous shopping through our Merchants

Lively nightlife including the Snow Dragon Inn,

Nightly revels

and several Kids Activities!


Start packing your gear and making plans for one of the most memorable events this side of the Knowne Worlde. We can’t wait to see you there! We welcome you to:


Enjoy the Hospitality of the Outlands,  

the Beauty of Northshield and

the Comraderie of Northern Realms War